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भारतीय सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान, लखनऊ
(An Institute of National Importance by the Act of Parliament)

S. Chandramouleeswaran (Mouli)

S. Chandramouleeswaran (Mouli)

Visiting Faculty


  • BE (Electronics and Communication-Madurai Kamaraj University)
  • M.Tech. (Computer Science -IIT Madras)

Career Summary

An embedded and networking SW engineering professional with ~30 years of total experience with 25 years in defining, designing, and delivering high-quality software systems and 6+ years of teaching.

  • Being on the Senate and the curriculum committee of MIIT (on deputation from IIITB) for the last four years, defined, designed and delivered 25+ theory and lab courses for 5-year BE programs in CSE & ECE.
  • Successfully handled three semester-long courses on RTOS and Advanced Processor Architectures for IIIT-B, BITS-Pilani (WILP, BLR), and MSc(Tech) program at Manipal University (Distance education).
  • As Director Engineering at Honeywell, Madurai, managed product team of 180+, University Interactions.
  • Over 12 years in Agere/LSI and as a Director for 6+ years, grew SW team to 100+ members in Bangalore.
  • Championed ISO process for LSI centers (BLR/Pune) in India. Actively involved in policies related to centers in India, governance, and technical evaluation, due-diligence & acquisition of a company into LSI.
  • Having deep domain knowledge in defining and developing software solutions, tools and products using ARM based SoCs with Network processors (NP), Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), DSP cores, and Modems.
  • As a technical lead of processor tools group in Motorola, developed in-house RTOS and ported it to µPs.
  • Designed and developed multitasking software in C on Intel’s iRMK kernel for Rajendra Radar of Akash.

Technical and Behavioral skills

Systems:Networking, Ethernet Switches, Business Services Gateways, eEducation, NAS, Security processors, DPI.

Processor architectures:, ARM7, ARMv8, ATmega, Advanced Multi-core processors,Raspberry Pi, NP, DSP 16K, StarCore, DSP 56K, PowerPC, Intel x86and Multichip PIC, MultiBus –II, etc.

Development boards:Raspberry Pi, STM32F446, Arduino, PayloadPlus NPs, PPC, 68K, i386, 8086, 8051, etc.

Protocols:Ethernet, TCP/IP, UDP, VLAN,Routing (with Routers Cisco 4000 ISR, 48 port switches). Bluetooth.

Languages:C, C++, Java, Assembly ofARM, ATmega328, x86, Pascal, PL/M, Network Processor (FPL).

Behavioural skills:Passionate teacher, Leadership, risk management, business acumen,and ambiguity tolerance.

Work Experience

Organization: Myanmar Institute of Information Technology (MIIT)                               Location: Mandalay

Designation: Professor on deputation from IIIT, Bangalore (4-years contract) Period: Aug-2016 to Jul-2020

The MIIT project is a prestigious initiative of the Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India as part of Indo-Myanmar Friendship Project, wherein IIITB spearheads establishment and operation of MIIT, Myanmar.

  • Being a member on the Senate and the curriculum committee of MIIT for four years, spearheaded the delivery of courses and labs for the 5-year BE degree programs in CSE and ECE.
  • Defined & delivered 25+ courses and labs for both BE CSE and ECE batches with detailed course material.
  • Delivered two theory and lab courses on Computer Networks and set up lab using CISCO routers/switches.
  • Setup Embedded Systems, Arduino, Digital Design, Electronics, and BEC labs from ground-up.
  • Delivered courses worth 55+ credits, and trained around 40+ Myanmar faculty members in 4 years.
  • Guided many students on Special projects, Independent study, and Robotics competitions in Myanmar.

Organization: International Institute of Information Technology (IIITB) & BITS (WILP)  Location: Bangalore

Designation: Adjunct Professor (part-time)                                                             Period: Aug-2015 to Jul-2016

  • Offered courses on RTOS at IIIT-B for two batches for MTech Embedded System Design (ESD) students.
  • Based on the feedback by MTech students on my RTOS course, for its industry relevance and for campus placement, IIITB adjusted its curriculum to accommodate my course for the next batch one semester ahead.
  • Guided students on Research and Project Electives onARM based products and optimized solutions.
  • Offered “Software for Embedded Systems”, for working professionals, at Work Integrated Learning Program, offered by BITS Pilani, in Bangalore..

Organization: Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc.                                                                                                                                                          Location: Madurai

Designation: Director Engineering (Site leader of ACS)                                         Period: Nov-2014 to Jul-2015

  • Led the Automation and Control Solutions group consisting of 180+ engineers working on Home security products, and building solutions for US/EMEA/APAC regions.
  • Responsible for driving strategy, technology roadmap, talent acquisition, execution rigour, end-to-end product ownership, and engineering/process excellence within the team.
  • Responsible for building University Relations, and driving strategic relationships with key universities and colleges in and around Madurai and southern Tamil Nadu, including TCE, Amrita, NIT Trichy, etc.

Organization: Independent Embedded SW consultant.                                                         Location: Bangalore

Designation: Professor (Part-time with Manipal University and Seer Akademi)      Period: Nov-2013 to May-2014

  • Recorded a full semester-long (45 hours) of the video course on “ARM Based Development” for NPTEL, working with Seer Akademi, Hyderabad. This course was offered to M.Tech (Embedded Systems Design) students at JNTU, Kakinada and Anantapur. ARM Based Development Course on NPTEL.
  • Handled the “Advanced Processor Architecture” course (38 hours) twice for the Manipal Distance Education MSc (Tech) batches, of working professionals ranging from two to 10 years of experience.

Organization: SHARP Software Development India Ltd.                                                       Location: Bangalore

Designation: Senior Program Manager.                                                                     Period: Oct-2012 to Oct-2013

  • Designed and developed an eEducation solution using in-house Interactive White Board (IWB) product.
  • Java based eEducation solution for a Digital Classroom had on-line streaming of class to mobile devices.
  • New feature identification & system testing of in-house product – the Robotic vacuum cleaner (Cocorobo).

Organization: Manipal University (Distance Education)                                                      Location: Bangalore

Designation: Professor (part-time)                                                                             Period: Jul-2012 to Dec-2012

  • Full ownership of courses for MSc (Tech) students from the industry with 3+ to 10+ years of experience.
  • Offered RTOS and Advanced Processor Architecture and Algorithms courses and guided capstone projects.

Organization: LSI India Research & Development India Ltd (HQ in Milpitas, USA)        Location: Bangalore

Designation: Engineering Director                                                                            Period: Aug-2007 to Feb 2012

  • Head of the Networking SW team in Bangalore (team of 100) with End-to-End product ownership.
  • Product roadmap definition, technical guidance, program execution, team building and performance mgt.
  • India Management Team member contributing to Indian centers’ governance and policies.
  • ISO 9001:2008 process certification of LSI India centers (Bangalore and Pune) with ~1000 employees.
  • Ethernet Backhaul SW solution on NP to Wireless infrastructure with direct customer (OEMs) interactions.
  • Deep domain expertise in Network Processors (NP), Media GW, NAS, Ethernet, and Modem products.
  • Demo and Exhibits Chair for the COMSWARE 2008 and Product booths at LSI conferences in Bangalore.

Organization: Agere Systems (Semicon Company, HQ in Allentown, USA, acquired by LSI)  Location: Bangalore

Designation: Senior Technical Manager and Technical Director                         Period: Jun 2004 – Aug 2007

  • Software on NP and VOIP SoC for Business Services Gateway (BSG) product.
  • Setting up of NAS, Ethernet Switch, DPI, MGW, and System testing teams by working with the US teams.
  • APAC customer support for NAS and DPI products, and supporting ISO process and local governance.
  • Successful ISO certification of Bangalore center by an external audit agency.

Organization: Agere Systems (Semicon Company, HQ in Allentown, USA, spin-off from Lucent)                                                                                                                                                                          Loc: Bangalore

Designation: Technical Manager                                                                                 Period: Aug 2000 – May 2004

  • Setting up of DSP and NP software tools teams and Mobility SW teams, by working with Germany team.
  • Development of Fabric Switch simulator, network traffic generator, and Assembly translator for DSP 56K.
  • Network Processor Forum (NPF) layer development for Agere NP, and set up SW QA and NP Tools team.
  • Successfully executed Mobility software projects, and paved the way for growing the SW team to 60+.
  • Setup software development process for the India center with 450+ employees and managed internal audits.

Organization: Motorola India Electronics Limited (MIEL, HQ in USA)                         Location: Bangalore

Designation: Scientist B and C                                                                                      Period: Nov 1988 – Jul 1998

  • Multi-target Radar Data Processor (RDP) tracker development for Phased array Rajendra Radar for Akash.
  • Successfully completed the design and development of RDP on iRMK (Intel’s multi-tasking kernel) in C.
  • Designed and developed using assembly of 8086/8051 based Servo controller for Naval Tracking Radar.


Organization: Institute of Armament Technology (DRDO)                                                          Location: Pune

Designation: Scientist B (various technical courses related to DRDO research) Period: Nov 1987- Nov 1998

Certifications, Honours, and Awards

  • IEEE Senior Member – Feb 2016.
  • Certified Scrum Master (CSM) – Scrum Alliance – Feb 2015.
  • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt – American Society for Quality – Feb 2015.
  • Winners Circle Award (next to CEO award) – Aug 2011 – For championing the ISO 9001:2008 Process certification for LSI India centers in Bangalore and Pune.
  • Certificate of Recognition – Vice President, Agere Systems – Feb 2002.
  • Awarded prestigious ‘Member of Technical Staff’ by Global Software Division, Motorola – Jun 1998. Republic Day Awards – LRDE Director – 1995 and 1996.


Granted Patents by the US PTO

  • Extensible traffic generator for synthesis of network data traffic.

    Patent No.: US 20050025054 A1


    Date of Patent: 03 Feb 2005


    Method and Apparatus for Automatic Generation of Multiple Integrated Circuit Simulation Configuration.

    Patent No.: US 20050015234 A1


    Date of Patent: 20 Jan 2005


    Method and apparatus for generating a graphical interface to enablelocal or remote access to an application having a command line interface.

    Patent No.: US 20030156132 A1


    Date of Patent: 21 Aug 2003





Department of Information Technology,
Indian Institute of Information Technology,
Lucknow, India.

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