Indian Institute of Information Technology, Lucknow
भारतीय सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान, लखनऊ
(An Institute of National Importance by the Act of Parliament)

B.Tech (CSAI)

B.Tech (Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence)

Physical reporting dates for the session 2023-24:

        17.08.2023-    B.Tech(CSAI)

Modern day’s intelligent systems are no longer artificial. The artificial intelligence is in a sense artificial as it does not have biological features. Problem solving using programming is the backbone of Computer Science. However, some qualitative features such as learning and adaptability make a solution independent, which does not require future human intervention. These solutions to different kinds of problems have made human life easier. Some intelligent solutions to problems which we encounter in our day to day lives are medical diagnosis, object tracking, face recognition, social behavior analysis, purchase pattern analysis, recommendation systems etcetera. Conventional intelligence was derived from game theory and hardware automation. However, modern intelligent systems try to mimic the human recognition, analysis and learning capabilities, which are reflected in the existing modern day’s systems.

Course Objective

The B.Tech.(CS-AI) course has been designed to prepare an aspirant engineer to understand and solve core problems such as operating system design, software development, computer design, synthesizing electronic devices, designing compatible algorithms, and translation of algorithms to efficient programs. The subjects that have been included to incorporate these capabilities to the students are Fundamentals of Electronics Engineering, Digital Logic Design, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Operating System, Data Structures,  and R Programming. There are other auxiliary subjects to enhance the professional, entrepreneurial and people skills. The knowledge and capabilities required to develop systems with human like intelligence will   be imparted to the young aspirants through the subject matter in the following areas – Intelligent Database Management, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big-Data Analytics, Reinforcement Learning, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Image and Vision Processing.

The students will get ample opportunity to develop their skills in this growing technology through projects and research assignments. They will also get able guidance from the eminent faculties of the institute. We believe that aspirants will thoroughly enjoy this curriculum track while gaining the relevant skills to become a successful Engineer.


Admissions to the four year B.Tech. Program in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence branch of the Institute is made through The Joint Seat Allocation Authority 2020 (JoSAA-2021)  and Central Seat Allocation Board 2021  (CSAB-2021). Based upon the merit in JEE (Mains).

The Institute is open to all races, creeds and classes including persons of either sex (including transgender). As Central Education Institution IIIT follows the Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Act, 2006.

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