Sports Facilities


100m Relay

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Thereby IIIT Lucknow provides an excellent physical activity infrastructure for its students to ensure that academic development is duly supplemented with sufficient physical development as wel.

A well maintained football ground with pavilion for spectators serve as a principal venue for most of the sports event organized by “spirit”- the sports club of IIIT Lucknow .A duly marked athletic track circumscribing the ground serves to provide for a safe track for not only the athletic events but for the morning joggers as well.

Aquatic sports are catered by a 25*12 m swimming pool that is maintained to strict hygienic standards .The institute also provides floodlit basketball,tennis squash and badminton courts to ensure that student have sufficient venues to engage in games of their own choices .To further complement these venues,we have air conditioned SAC(students activity center) which houses a table tennis facility along with billiards rooms for those interested in indoor activities.


Sports occupy the pride of place in extracurricular activities and sports club is actively engaged in organizing inter college and intra college events . The participation in activities have seen great exaltation since past year.From cricket to basketball, athletics to yoga students can involve themselves and be a part in the way they choose.All prolific activities are always invited and encouraged by the society.