At IIIT-Lucknow, we understand the importance of staying connected for the persuasion of knowledge and widening of vision. Following that philosophy, the institute ensures to provide connectivity to all its inhabitants in every fringe of the campus throughout the 24 hours.

IIIT-L has a well established network infrastructure LAN (wired and wireless) with well-connected Internet. It is a medium-size network and approximately consists of 6000 nodes. The internal design is powered by providing dedicated wired as well as shared wireless network to every node in the campus. The network spans through every building on the campus using optical cables where high quality equipment (including layer 3 managed switches) have been installed ensuring a high speed intranet access during all hours of the day. The Internet is facilitated by a dedicated link from National Knowledge Network of 1Gbps bandwidth including a redundant STM-4 (620 Mbps) link from Reliance to ensure connectivity in case of technical breakdown. A centralized server room in the lecture theatre monitors all network behavior and facilitates distribution of the secure network to the entire campus.

The IIIT-Lucknow network infrastructure is sophisticated and uses cutting edge technologies like Nexus Backbone switch, Unified Threat Management systems, Adaptive Security Appliances and more. The network is prominently upgraded with time to meet the needs of all the users within campus.

Along with consistent connectivity, IIIT-L provides native web services to its users like E-Mail, Web Server, Profile service, Cloud file sharing, Central Authentication Service etc. All these web services and the network are responsibly managed by IIIT-L’s Network Development Engineering and Management Team, INDEM (

INDEM firmly believes in not only providing good service, but also educating its users regarding the network and its resources and thus has evolved into a student-cum-domain-experts body.